Turning up the heat on sustainable cooling technology around the world


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Wellington Drive Technologies is doing its part to reduce greenhouse emissions worldwide through innovative new energy management systems.

Sales of electric vehicles are on the increase and the electric motors that power these vehicles can run for years with little attention. Electric motors have been used in commercial refrigeration and cooling systems for decades, and today these systems are the world’s largest single consumer of electrical power.
It means that worldwide, hundred’s of thousands of old refrigeration systems keep running - still providing cooling, but operating very inefficiently. It has been suggested that the single most effective action to fight climate change is widespread smart refrigerant management. Rising energy prices, concern over greenhouse emissions and government regulations bring challenges, and new government incentives are expected to fuel strong growth of energy-efficient cooling management systems.

Albany based Wellington Drive Technologies is a leading global provider of energy-efficient electronic motors and refrigeration control solutions for commercial refrigeration. With a global footprint, Wellington Drive serves some of the world’s leading food and beverage brands and refrigerator manufacturers, with products and solutions that reduce energy consumption and improve product sales.

Whilst electrical motors still remain as an integral part of Wellington Drive’s business, it is no longer simply a motor company. Wellington Drive are developing and acquiring technologies that help food and beverage brands better manage their point of sale equipment (including coolers) and help them grow their sales by enabling direct connection with the consumer.

Through proprietary smart refrigeration controllers and management software, customers move into the Internet of Things (IoT) where there is increased opportunity to add value, create higher energy savings and bank government power saving incentives.

Wellington Drive has always valued research and innovation. Since beginning in 1986 as a patent licensing organization it has retained a strong culture of innovation. CEO, Greg Allen explains, “Our priority is our customer; we take customer innovation, continuous improvement and service excellence seriously. It is also the foundation of our future growth.”

Wellington Drive is headquartered in the Grow North Innovation District from where it manages supply chain, logistics and R&D. It is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Wellington Drive Technologies
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