Vesta Central automates the collection of product data unlocking the potential of online ‘endless shelves’ retail


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Vesta Central automates the collection of product data from suppliers unlocking the potential of online ‘endless shelves’ retail

Retail businesses are competing to win with ecommerce. Online retail is now omni channel – eBay, Facebook, Amazon, apps, email marketing and catalogues each require a ‘digital twin’ of the physical product delivering a seamless experience for customers across all channels.

The highly sought after ‘endless shelves’ that online retailers aspire to is challenging when retailers are stocking thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers, and all product data needs to be manually added and data quickly becomes inaccurate or redundant.

Data has to remain accurate across multiple software systems and glued to images and video at the point of sale and many retailers accept time-consuming data fixes and frustrations as part of the cost of building an online business, which is why many limit their online listings to a core range.

VESTA CENTRAL’s Australasian customers are using Vesta to build future focused, customer-centered retail businesses while eliminating up to 90% of the manual tasks that are involved with managing supplier price and product data. This significantly lowers business costs bringing higher margins.

Vesta allows single-point supplier data entry and cross-references, validates and cleanses product data to ensure that the ‘truth’ about each product remains accurate across the overall retail business system. This ensures that no matter who uses the business system or where, they are always dealing with accurate product information.

Vesta’s simplicity suits retailers of all sizes and their cost effectiveness and reliability sets Vesta apart from their competitors
With Vesta in place, business owners suddenly become free to work on adding value to their businesses. Barriers to business growth are lowered and retail owners can take advantage of future technologies as they become readily available.

As an example, a major buying group in the Australian hardware sector that has over 600 members and 500 suppliers, enlisted the help of VESTA Central and its partner VTH to build the first of its kind database for any Australian independent buying group.

Based in the Grow North Innovation District, Vesta Central has recently been the recipient of a $15m Callaghan R&D grant that will allow their development team to explore future technologies such as leveraging AI and block chain technologies to increase data quality and integrity. Vesta is also expanding into different industry sectors and is pursuing opportunities in the US market. If you would like to feature your innovative business here, contact Kel Marsh,